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We noticed a gap in the North Georgia wine market.
So far wine shopping in the Cleveland area is limited to grocery store wines, liquor store wines and a few specialty shops that sell local wines. Hey, we love that you shop for local wines with us, so definitely keep doing that!

*But* when Dan and I want to try other wines to keep our palates sharp and to learn what else is out there we have a hard time finding anything nearby that has been stocked on a store shelf with intention. We miss going to a neighborhood wine shop and hearing the staff geek out about a wine they just got in that’s super special or from a small producer or simply * SO delicious* we must try it! Wines should come with a story, ours does after all, and no one at our local grocery or liquor shop is proud (or available for that matter) to discuss wine with us and steer us to a new wine. 

It's been on our heart from the founding of our winery to showcase our wines in context. That means we want you to drink other wines too! Preferably reeallly crazy delicious ones! It keeps us sharp and it will keep your expectations of our wines high, what a great customer base that would be; the super discerning, challenging us to be the best we can be.

Will you support that endeavour?

We’ve created the wine club of our dreams, we hope you’ll love it too.

THE deets

What wine dreams are made of..

3 Bottles, 4 times per year (once per quarter: March, June, September, December).

Superior wines from around the globe from producers at the top of their game that are selected with intention to showcase exceptional quality and personal passion from small families and larger thoughtful growers with stories behind their wines.

When our inventory allows we will include special releases of small batch wines that we’ll make exclusively for the wine club.

Wine club is pickup only at the moment and you’ll be able to do that anytime during or after the month of the release date. however if you can make it to the monthly pickup day we will taste through each wine in your packs and offer swap outs and customization as needed! if you prefer 2 wines over the 3rd you can swap one out for the wine you don't want. there may be bonus wines available for swap out or additional purchases that day as well. we want you to leave *in love* with your wines.

We value commitment and since we will be working with distributors and producers to source and pay for these wines far in advance of your pickup dates, this does not work without your commitment of wine club for 1 full year (that's $500/year), to be renewed every following January, cancelable after 1 year with 30 days notice.

You may order more of any wines from wine club as inventory allows! We will let you know when something is super limited in stock so you can plan accordingly.

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