A New Generation of Wine Drinkers

June 9, 2024

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Younger consumers are redefining traditional wine norms through their interest in diverse and sustainable options while bringing fresh perspectives and preferences.

Compared to previous generations who gravitated to well known names in the wine world and very established growing regions, younger consumers are increasingly prioritizing experiential aspects, unique flavors and engaging stories behind the wines.

Convenience, authenticity, and value are key factors influencing their wine selection, leading to a rise in casual and eco-friendly wine options.

Courtesy Sarah Malone Smith

Characteristics of the new generation wine drinker

The new generation of wine drinkers is characterized by their openness to exploring different wine regions and varieties. They are tech-savvy individuals who use social media to share their wine experiences and discover new trends and recommendations. This generation values sustainability, or are being told they should, and are seeking wines that are more “environmentally friendly”. Additionally, they enjoy casual wine-drinking occasions, such as outdoor gatherings and virtual wine tastings, making wine a more approachable and social beverage.

This generation values experiences, seeking unique and engaging wine tasting events over traditional wine consumption. Wine clubs and apps that offer personalized recommendations are gaining popularity among millennials, making wine exploration more accessible and interactive.

Factors influencing wine preferences among the new generation

Social media influencers play a significant role in shaping the wine preferences of the new generation. Accessibility to different varieties of wine at local wine shops and online platforms also impacts their choices. The aesthetic appeal of wine labels and packaging can influence their purchasing decisions. Additionally, the environmental sustainability practices of wineries and the emotional connection they feel towards a brand can also influence their wine preferences.

Impact of social media on wine consumption trends

Social media plays a significant role in shaping the way people consume wine. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok influence trends by showcasing new and popular wine varieties, creating a buzz around different wine regions, and even promoting wine-related events and experiences. Through social media, wine drinkers can easily discover and share their favorite wines, leading to a more informed and interconnected community of wine enthusiasts. In my personal experience it often creates FOMO (fear of missing out) when I see friends opening a special bottle or trying a killer wine on a restaurant menu. I often screenshot the bottle name and look it up to see where I can get it so I can experience the joy of drinking it too! Just me??

Sustainable and organic wine choices of the new generation

Many in the new generation prefer sustainable and organic wine choices, though not all. There certainly seems to be an industry wide shift and a push from local wine shops and restaurants for consumers to care about this, maybe more than they naturally would. This is happening by way of limiting their choices in many a boutique store to only organic or sustainable which I personally, don’t always appreciate. Great wine is great wine and I want to try it all, even if the vineyard is not organic or only working towards sustainable practices but not “there” yet.

These catchy buzzwords can and do let some great wineries slip through the cracks who don’t have organic certifications because they are expensive and time consuming to pursue. The terms sustainable and regenerative are certainly an ethos that most family wineries believe in and do their best to uphold so don’t rule out the local family farms and vineyards when making a beeline for the labels on the bottle that promise organic or biodynamic. All our wines at Limoges are crafted using as environmentally friendly practices as possible right now, we do this by considering the entire lifecycle of the wine, from vineyard to bottle, to minimize waste and energy consumption and toxic chemicals. We’re raising our baby here after all!

Wine education and experiential consumption

Wine education not only helps you appreciate the complexities of different wines but also enhances your overall drinking experience. This is why we teach classes! So you can learn by drinking. By learning about wine varieties, regions, and tasting techniques, you can develop a sophisticated palate and literally incread your enjoyment of wine. It’s a win win.

Attending tastings like the ones we host at our winery or visiting vineyards allows you to engage with the sensory aspects of wine, improving your ability to identify flavors and aromas. Exploring different wines and understanding the stories behind them all make you a very well rounded wine drinker.

Sign up for our next Blind Tasting Class here

Tech-savvy wine drinkers: Online platforms and apps for wine enthusiasts

Online platforms and apps are abundant for wine enthusiasts who are tech-savvy. These digital tools allow users to explore, learn, and connect with fellow wine lovers in exciting new ways. With just a tap or click, you can access a vast array of information on different wines, regions, and tasting notes, making your wine journey all the more enjoyable. From virtual tastings to personalized recommendations, these platforms offer a modern twist to the traditional wine experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just starting to delve into the world of wine, these tech resources cater to all levels of expertise, enhancing your overall wine-drinking experience.

Try www.slikwines.com

Emerging wine regions and varieties favored by the new generation

Some emerging wine regions popular among the new generation include Slovenia, Hungary, and Uruguay, New York, Virginia, (if you’re reading this hopefully Georgia too!). These regions offer unique varietals like Blaufränkisch, Furmint, and Tannat that are gaining popularity. Your taste buds might be pleasantly surprised by these new flavors!

In the same way, new-to-you wine regions in countries you think you’ve explored like Italy are bound to surprise and delight your palate. Think Northern Italy is only for Barolo? You MUST try the wines of the Alto Adige, Pinot Bianco, Lagrein, Kerner, Sylvaner, Schiava etc.

We’re tasting some of these in our next class!

Remember, whether you’re a new wine drinker of in our newest wine drinking generation or whether you’re a seasoned pro, our goal at Limoges is never to put you in a box. We’re all individuals on our own wine journeys and we want to come along side you and help you find something delicious to drink in every season of life.

Lots of love and Santé Y’all


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